Who We Are
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Have you ever asked the question 'What is the type of church that I would like to be part of?'.

What are the building blocks that would govern what that church would look like and how it behaved? How would you describe it's 'Genetic Code'?

DNA, as we understand it, forms the building block of life. Our unique genetic code determines what we look like and how we operate. The Vineyard 'Genetic Code' is the set of core values through which the different Vineyard congregations can be identified as one family.

The BIBLE is central to our teaching, faith and life. This has to do with simple, life-oriented teaching and Biblical exposition.

WORSHIP is our highest priority - not just singing, but not less than that. It has to do with regular, corporate, contemporary worship that is personal, intimate and non-manipulative.

SMALL GROUPS are the basic structure of the Church; the place of belonging, relationships, self-disclosure, growth, discipleship and practice of ministry.

SPIRITUAL GIFTS are in every believer - they are to be identified, evoked and exercised for the common good. We must be more gift-based than organisational based.

TRAINING is fundamental to our being church - to 'equip people' for the work of ministry in all its aspects, and also for life itself.

MINISTRY TO THE POOR is very important to God and to the Vineyard - it should be a regular practice of mercy in terms of feeding, clothing, helping, serving, etc.

SIGNS & WONDERS are expected to be normal and a regular part of church life; to practice the ministry of compassion and power in terms of healing the sick and broken, freeing the oppressed and facilitating the works that only God can do.

SHARING OUR FAITH is the call of every believer - to bring others to faith through friendships, and the genuine expression of love and care for others. Real Church growth means reaching out into the world and advancing the Kingdom of God. The message should be transmitted both by deeds and words.

OTHER CHURCHES must be loved, respected and worked with, because we are part of the One Body of Christ. We must always seek to have good relationships with the broader Church.

CHURCH PLANTING & MISSIONS are at the heart of the Vineyard calling. Every church must have a Vision to Grow and Multiply and to touch other parts of the world.