Who We Are
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Left to right: Chris & Keith, Marianne, Thomas & Libby, Jacqueline & Jacques.


The overall responsibility for the leadership of the church lies with a team of elders, Vineyard Brussels'leadership team. Most of these elders are experienced, bi-vocational leaders who serve the church as volunteers.

Keith Sunderland (in the first picture on the left) is the full-time team leader. He is accountable to both Vineyard Brussels' leadership team as a whole, and to the leadership team of the Association of Benelux Vineyards. We believe in healthy accountability.

In addition to this leadership team, there is a staff team that have diverse and complementary skills. This team includes both paid staff and dedicated volunteers.

Both the leadership team and staff work together with a larger team of volunteers (Home Group and Ministry leaders with their teams).

We firmly believe that the main role of the leadership team and staff is not to do everything ourselves but to enable every member to discover their unique gift(s) and the contribution they can make to the church family and society as a whole. Our aim is that “everyone gets to play“ their part. This is why many of the key roles are filled by committed volunteers. We are strong believers in team ministry.

We are very aware that as we continue to grow we need to adapt our leadership structure and ministry teams to manage the growth and give good pastoral care to all our members and their children. We therefore invest in training more leaders and helpers in their chosen area of service.