Who We Are
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Community Life

We are a church that aims to develop a community life that enables its members to experience four benefits: Belonging, Healing, Learning and Serving.

  • Belonging: We want people to know they are welcomed just as they are as members of a caring family, irrespective of what they may have done in the past.
  • Healing: We try to promote growth in personal wholeness and healing from past hurts.
  • Learning: We want everyone to develop and reach their full potential. We therefore promote learning in both the theory and practice of our faith, as fully integrated people.
  • Serving: We seek to provide a place to serve others in a significant and fulfilling way.

We believe that God's number one purpose is to enable each of us to become more and more like Jesus in character, motivation and ability. This can only be achieved by the transformation of our inner self by using the word of God as our handbook for living, together with the power of the Holy Spirit's work of renewal within us. This combination is life changing and very much for the better.

Do come and join in the adventure and experience it for yourself. We are not just to share the good news but also to be the good news, just like Jesus was. We should make a positive difference to the people we meet each day.