Who We Are
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Missions and Ministry Support

At Vineyard Brussels we are committed to being good news as much as sharing the good news. We actively support many initiatives around the world that help alleviate suffering and injustice. We provide significant financial support to initiatives where we know the people on the ground and know what they are doing. We stay actively in touch.

These initiatives include:

  • - An orphanage in Uganda for child victims of war and disease
  • - Homes for widows and orphans in India
  • - Those fighting slavery and child prostitution around the globe
  • - Those supporting young mothers with unexpected pregnancies
  • - Counseling for distressed people
  • - Those supporting refugees or socially disadvantaged people
  • ...

We believe that as Christians we need to put our money where our mouth is! We believe God has called us to invest in the welfare and education of people both locally in Brussels and Belgium, but also around the world.

These ministries are all committed to sharing the message of Jesus, our common hope.

You can get involved through praying, giving, participating locally or perhaps travelling with a short-term mission team.

Why not start by taking a look at the brief descriptions of these ministries below?