A New Home at Last

It was a Saturday afternoon when I first went to the new building, Boulevard du Souverain 220, in Auderghem.

Sunday 17 February 2013

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A New Home at Last

It was a Saturday afternoon when I first went to the new building, Boulevard du Souverain 220, in Auderghem. Finding the entrance was tricky, because it was located at the end of a path that at first I presumed was leading to the back door of Carrefour.
The place was big; you would not be able to tell from the outside. Inside it was chilly, even more so due to the large space. I thought it being a Saturday, I would see a lot of volunteers at work, but there were only a handful of workers. David was trying to bring order to the scene, running from one place to another, juggling as many tasks as possible. And Keith, our senior pastor (yes, the one who just had a hip replacement) was doing hands on precision work with a saw and some planks. How much can this handful of people do in a place this big? It would take forever to get the building up and running! Just to give you an idea, it generally looked a lot like a construction site, in serious need of cleaning and painting. I saw renovation tools, rubble, paint buckets with brushes and rollers, ladders, dust from sandpapered wood and walls, there were cables everywhere.

"Dear Lord," I thought, "what is this place? This must be some kind of a joke, right? But what do You see in it?"
As I looked up I saw a modest sunbeam fall through the glass bricks up high in the wall. Some of the glass bricks were coloured and they immediately reminded me of the high priest"s breastplate. There were some yellow ones, and blue ones, and red, which represents the tribe of Judah, but also speaks of Jesus love for us.

And then I saw it. Through His eyes. This place is home - a safe haven for everyone who is thirsty, where worship happens even when the worship team is not around.
Suddenly everything fell into place... Wires moved to their designated places. Our familiar church chairs unstacked one by one and lined up in front of the stage. Spotlights pointing to key positions. Ladders turned into music stands. Worshipful paintings decorating the walls. Dust and debris dissolved and left the floor smooth and clean, inviting to facedown adoration of the only One deserving.

I believe that, according to His purposes, our new home will host huge worship events, shared meals, workshops and activities that enhance both the community as a church family and outreach to Brussels, Belgium and the world beyond.
But there is still a whole lot of work to be done before we can admire this building with our physical eyes. We still need to grow a sense of ownership and involvement. So, let"s step into our calling together and become diligent stewards of our new building in Auderghem. The time is now, are you getting on board?


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