New Beginnings

What are the odds there is a sunny and warm day in Belgium in October?

Monday 03 December 2012

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New Beginnings

What are the odds there is a sunny and warm day in Belgium in October? This truly is the day the Lord has made. A sound of excited anticipation rises up from Vineyard Brussels, now gathered closely together to witness a courageous act of surrender. 4 brave souls are going for "the" dip in the cold waters of the Belgian coast. It is indeed a bold way to step forward and commit your life to God... Father God; our Daddy in heaven. I can imagine Him singing over them - each and every one of them - and legions of angels partying as they get baptised in the sea of Blankenberge.

Well this is a new beginning for them; an exciting one. It seems to be the season for new beginnings. Other than the usual ones September and October bring, there is also the new iTeam, the new home groups kicking off, new friendships, engagements and babies, a new venue for our church weekend away, which by the way is quite an improvement coming from Borzée. Even this recurring column on our church's website is new. But most obviously, the two things we as a church family are intensely undergoing, are our temporary place of worship and eventually the move to our new building.

After we've moved out from the Avenue Franz Guillaume in Evere, we didn't just end up on the streets. I'm really grateful for the opportunity the International Baptist Church is giving us to meet in their building in Wezembeek-Oppem. They were so kind as to open their doors and welcome us to use their space and facilities, at least until the end of this year so I've heard. Isn't it amazing when the body of Christ reaches beyond her own "church walls"? In fact, we don't even have walls at the moment. Nonetheless, our God is Jehovah Jireh; yesterday, today and always.

What about the new building in Auderghem, when do we get to move into our new premises? Apparently it is not so simple to have a church in any given building, especially if this building is a commercial one. It can take up to 9 months to apply for a "change of use" of a building, and that involves a lot of time consuming planning, discussions, meetings and the securing of essential approvals. The commune has to be sure changes are in the interest of all parties and that the strict safety controls are applied. But there are quite a few hints of God's involvement in the process. I had a conversation with David Floyd:

"There have been encouraging indicators that God is guiding Vineyard Brussels through this period of transition. As always, what seems like last minute to us is simply right on time to Him. A month before we had to be out of the old building, we had no clear idea of where we would move. All we knew was that God had promised to show us His solution at the last minute. And here we are, having moved our belongings and meeting regularly with no interruptions."

What will be a huge bonus, if Boulevard Souverain 220 really becomes a fact, is that we'll be moving to a more populated area of Brussels. There are interesting restaurants and bars just around the corner (very important for the bons vivants among us), and this new building is really accessible, being so central and having a metro, tram and bus within short walking distances. Also, it is near the motorway, for those who come by car. Talking about cars, how cool is it to have a Carrefour right next to church? (Would it be awfully bad if we parked our car on a parking of a supermarket that's not open on Sundays...)

I can't wait to be there already. Actually, and I speak for myself here, I already see us move into our territory. Not because of my mustard seed faith, but because the Father's fingerprints, as Keith put it, are all over it. Everything that took place prior to where we are now seems to have been divinely orchestrated by our Father. Nothing is a coincidence. One could say this is typically God. This is so God.

It has been quite an adventure so far, I remember the time when the announcement was "we have to get out of this place in 6 weeks and we have no other place to go yet". I am eager to see where God leads us next. Knowing, out of experience, when He is steering the wheel, this is going to be one testimony-packed ride.


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