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Encounter Evening

Do you love to worship? Are you seeking to grow in sensitivity to the person and presence of the Holy Spirit? Do you want to mature in your understanding and use of Spiritual Gifts?

If your answer to any of the above questions is YES, then our Encounter Evenings are what you are looking for. These evenings are centered around extended times of praise and worship.

Although each evening will be unique, generally there will be opportunity to see the gifts of the Spirit in operation and for you to develop those gifts God has given you.

These are times of communicating to God through worship, prayer and intercession, but also of hearing from Him through impressions, prophecy, words and pictures.

We especially encourage those in need of healing (physical, emotional or spiritual) to come and sit in God's presence, and be refreshed and encouraged.

You are also most welcome to join us for a special time every Sunday morning during one of our services.

Next 'Encounter' evening!

When? Saturday, 6 June

Where? Vineyard Brussels, Auderghem

Time? 19.00 - 22.00

What? Rest, praise, worship, meeting with and hearing from God

Don't miss this special evening!