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Bits (first service only)

Vineyard Brussels believes that our children are not merely the future church; they are an integral part of the present church.

For this reason, the BITS group (Born In The Spirit) organises a program every Sunday morning just for young people from 11 to 15 years old.

Our aim is to promote knowledge and understanding of the Bible among these young people, encourage their personal encounter with God and help them develop spiritual maturity along with an attitude of service towards others. We aim to achieve this in an informal environment full of fun and discovery where relationships play a vital role.

BITS is a multi-lingual and multi-cultural group, operating in English with French and Dutch interpretation as necessary. At the start of the service, the kids are welcome to join the worship with the adults but they can also come to the front hall to play games, chat or help the teachers. The program then starts at the end of the worship time. To help the kids connect socially, we try to have an additional monthly meeting outside of the Sunday context to play games, eat pizza, go bowling, go cycling or perhaps enjoy a concert together.

We are a team of six enthusiastic teachers with a heart for kids. We do use a curriculum, but each teacher being creative, they bring their own material as well. The teachers also pray regularly together and individually for the kids.

Child Protection