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Prayer and intercession

Do you want to be at the center of life and ministry in Vineyard Brussels? Why not commit to prayer and intercession with the church community?

We highly value prayer and see it as the foundation on which every effective ministry is built. Therefore we provide several opportunities for you to participate in the corporate prayer life of the church:

  • Sunday pre-service prayer: every Sunday morning, for half an hour before the first service, there is an open prayer meeting focused on the Sunday service in the library seating area.
  • Thursday lunchtime prayer and intercession: in the church office from 12h45 to 14h30 (Come for all or part of the time).
  • Healing Ministries prayer meeting: we meet once a month on a Thursday afternoon from 13h – 15h to pray for the healing ministries in our church. This includes Small/Large Ministry Teams, hospital visitation, Personal Wholeness and lay counselling. For more information please contact Sonja Stark at
  • There are also specific prayer times for missionaries and ministries in Belgium and around the world.

We are continuously developing a network of intercessors. If you would like to join this team and become a watchman committed to prayer for the church, its leaders and members, and would like to receive regular email updates on things to pray for, please contact the church office.

We also have two specific prayer teams that you can be trained to become a member of. If you are interested in learning how to pray effectively for individual’s needs after the service on Sunday (LMT) or learn how to pray in depth for people in need of inner healing (SMT), why not ask about joining our Large Ministry Team (LMT) or Small Ministry Team (SMT).