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The Church Weekend Away

Once a year**, Vineyard Brussels organizes a weekend away for the whole church, a time for "Fellowship and Fun".

The whole aim of the weekend is to help church members get to know each other in a friendly, informal way, just like a big family. Therefore we work to create a relaxed atmosphere with all kinds of activities leaving lots of space for own activities and free time. We encourage interaction through games and sports and we encourage sharing talents through workshops and group activities. The Saturday night talent show is always a great favourite and a lot of fun.

Activities are aimed at all ages, so that everyone can find activities that suit them.

Of course there is also some spiritual input through worship, prayer, testimony and teaching.

We have been using various centres in beautiful parts of Belgium over the years, ensuring a pleasant environment.

Each year, a different group of volunteers organises this event. We make a point of getting new people involved who are not yet involved in a regular ministry in Vineyard Brussels.