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New To Vineyard Brussels?

Welcome to our church and to this website. We are happy that you are here and hope that you quickly feel at home. Most of all, we pray that Vineyard Brussels will be a place where you can connect with God, experiencing a deepening awareness of His love for you, and that you will connect with others, establishing meaningful friendships within the church community.

Do you have questions that are not addressed by this website? Here are some ways to find answers:

Sunday Services: as you come into the church hall on Sunday you will be greeted by a team of ushers who are ready to answer your practical questions about the church and the service. Don't hesitate to ask if you can't find what you need.

During the coffee break you can also talk the members of the i-team, who can be recognised by their white t-shirts with a big 'i' on the front of it. They will gladly connect with you, give you information about the church and church activities and help you to get integrated in Vineyard Brussels. They can provide you with lists of home groups, invitations to men's and women's meetings and other opportunities to connect in smaller group settings. Or they can simply connect you to other church members. You can also contact them via i-team@vineyard-brussels.be

Newcomer's Meeting: about every six weeks we hold a newcomers reception with snacks and drinks following the second service. We hope that you will join us to find out more about Vineyard Brussels and the Vineyard Vision and Values (VVV) course, meet some of the leaders and enjoy fellowship with other newcomers.