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Getting Involved

Do you consider Vineyard Brussels to be your church home? Great! You're part of the family!

A healthy and thriving family requires commitment from all its members. It's the same at Vineyard Brussels. It takes many volunteers to run our weekly services, weekday meetings, and regular events.

Within a dynamic international church like Vineyard Brussels there is a constant influx and outflow of people, which means that we are always in need of volunteers for the many activities of our life together. As you participate in the life of the church you will experience a greater sense of ownership and belonging within the VB family.

You need not worry about getting involved on your own, as we highly value serving together in teams (Together Everyone Achieves More!). By getting involved you can experience the joy of investing in the lives of other people and by serving together in teams get to know new people and deepen friendships. Are you inexperienced or interested in trying something new? We value learning by doing and aim to provide training and coaching for every area of service within the church.

During the coffee break in the Sunday services you can also talk the members of the i-team who can be recognised by their white t-shirts with a big 'i' on the front of it. They will gladly connect with you, give you information about the church and church activities and help you to get integrated in Vineyard Brussels. You can also contact them via i-team@vineyard-brussels.be