Counselling Course

Would you like to understand the basic principles in counselling and prayer ministry?

Counselling Course
Counseling course 2015/2016

Open to people from other churches!
In English if enough people in French as well

The participants need to be able to attend all 5 week-ends.
Dates for 2015
October 31 & November 14
(We will plan together the next 3 week-ends in 2016)

This introductory counseling course is for all those who would like to learn how to minister to people who are in need of spiritual and/or emotional healing.

Topics (not in this order)

Part I
Lay counseling goals and objectives
Biblical foundations and Use of scripture, prayer and spiritual gifts (group 1)
Listening skills
The counselor’s attitude
Using questions (group 1)
Part II
Understanding emotions
Understanding depression
Understanding addictions
Defense mechanism

Part III Family and Marriage
How to work with married people

Part IV Crisis Counselling
Grief and Loss
Part V
Boundaries and ethics

Other topics may be added.

The meetings start at 10.00 h and finish around 15.00 h. There will be a short lunch break .

The course will help you to receive an understanding of the basic principles of counselling and prayer ministry.

It will also open the way for you to become a part of the healing ministries in our church afterwards, should you so wish.

triplets (to practice counseling with counselor, counselee and observer)

Homework (see book list)
Books Reports – to read and to write book reports (1-2 pages)
Personal counseling
Personal reports